Further Information About Forient 29

Hi! Forient 29 to be !!! if you did not attended Forient 29 Technical Meeting on Friday, October 30th 2015, may be this information can be beneficial for you guys : What have we already Explained at that Meeting? check this out –>> http://tinyurl.com/pkjy59q Which group are you? check this out –>> http://tinyurl.com/odfsxqv


Welcoming Formasi's Rookies


  Good news, rookies! The coolest FORMASI’s annual event is coming. The 29th FORMASI Orientation and Training is exclusively open!! Limited only for the first 150 new members of FORMASI who can join and get the prestigious badge of ‘FORIENT 29th’. Beneficial of badge holders?? 1. Accredited by certificate as official members of FORMASI 2. […]