Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb. 😇

💞God Multiply The rewards of the People who give Charity💕 “Those who give charity, both men or women and lend to God a good loan will undoubtedly be given multiplied (rewards) back to them; And they will get great rewards. “(Al Hadid: 18)

On this holy month, let us all donate not only because it’s our obligation, but donate from the bottom of our hearts and do something truly noble because only then we will be good people.

📝 How To donate ???

✔ Firstly contact our CP: Fari (081910008544/farinalfatih)
Via transferring cash:
1. Transfer
2. Confirm to the CP by sending:
name_amount_date of transfer

✔ Using other forms of donations:
Confirm to the CP: name_amount_date of when the donation is dropped off.
You can confirm to the CP first then arrange a meet-up or drop it off at formasi then confirm to the CP.

This Ramadhan, don’t miss out on the opportunities to donate especially to those that truly need it 🙆

We’ll make sure your donation and intentions will be channeled correctly and that they will bring help towards the orphanage we will be conducting the event at. 😇

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