Public Relation




  • Atika Dewi Septarini (Management 2014) as Advisor
  • Annisa Rizqi Kusumasari (Architecture 2015) as Coordinator

Internal Affair

  • Hafidz Aulia Setiijadi (Informatics 2015) as Vice Coordinator
  • Arfan Dharmawan (Marine Science 2015) as Staff
  • Muhammad Atthuur Brotoadmodjo (Economics 2016) as Staff

Public Communication

  • Maulana Dama Yudhistira (Marine Science 2015) as Vice Coordinator
  • Winda Titi Putri Ningtias (English Literature 2014) as Staff
  • Muhammad Shobar Arief (International Relations 2016) as Staff
  • Damario Muhammad Alvidion (Aquatic Resource Management 2015) as Staff


Providing comfort environment in formasi to increase sense of belonging to formasi and among formasiers and Improving good corporation with other institutions inside and outside Brawijaya University


Creating self belonging and awareness of Formasi among the members

Creating conducive situation among inside Formasi Headquarter

Establishing a venue to connect Formasi to the world

Providing information about Formasi

Empowering formasi inside and outside

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