What is FORMASI?

Established in 1986, Forum Mahasiswa Studi Bahasa Inggris (FORMASI) is the only English-learning based student organization in Brawijaya University.

Our main purpose is to develop our members English skills and knowledge through trainings and competitions which divided into categories such as Debating, Broadcasting and Public Speaking, as well as soft skills from organizational experiences.

To develop the young generations’​ English potentials to be a creative, innovative, democratic, yet having a socially caring leader in the future.

To develop the young generations’​ English skill and human resources quality of the Brawijaya University students, especially FORMASI members.

BoC and BoA

Board of Committee (BoC) in FORMASI has the main duty to handle and manage the organization. There’s a lot of activities and program held by FORMASI, so BoC is divided into 8 teams (Core, Human Resources Development, Public Relation, Public Speaking, Broadcast, FORMASI English Debating Society, FORMASI Story District, and FORMASI Creative District) and each team is divided into smaller division (HRD, Public Relation: External Relation and Internal Relation, Public Speaking: Speech and Conversation, and FORMASI Story District: Storytelling, and Short Story Writing & Radio Drama. ). Meanwhile, Board of Advisor (BoA) has the mandate to give advice and directing the BoC as a whole.

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