Work Programs


FORIENT (Formasi Orientation and Training) is an orientation and introduction to the organizational environment and activities for the new members of FORMASI. 

What Will You Get?

  • Performances from each division
  • Talk show with our inspiring speakers
  • New Friends


FORCE (Formasi Internal Competition) is an internal competition for FORMASI new members. There are also several fields for you to choose such as Speech, Spelling Bee, Debate, Newscasting, Storytelling, and Short Story Writing.

What Will You Get?

  • Experience in joining a varsity-level competition
  • Increasing member’s soft skills with insightful adjudication from experienced judges
  • Expand relations among FORMASI members

3. Brawijaya English Tournament

BET (Brawijaya English Tournament) is an annual national-level English Competition for high school students and varsity students. There are also several fields for you to choose such as Debate, Storytelling, Short Story Writing, Speech, and Newscasting.

What Will You Get?

  • Experience joining a national-scale competition that can develop your soft skills
  • Having the chance to be the Convener of BET 2023 If you’re joining the Board of Committee of FORMASI
  • Be the next champion of BET 2023!

4. English Camp / English Bootcamp

English Camp is an offline camping event held by FORMASI to let Formasiers practice their English Skills for 2 days. English Bootcamp is an online event to let people learn to improve their English skills with great mentors from FORMASI. 

What Will You Get? 

  • Upgrading your English Skills
  • New experience and knowledge from professional mentors
  • Expand relation

5. Internal selection

Internal Selection is a selection for Formasi members to be a delegate in national-international scale competitions. 

What Will You Get?

  • Personal assessment from experienced judges

6. Intensive Practice

Intensive practice is a practice for the delegates that have been chosen after the internal selection. 

What Will You Get?

  • A 50% registration fee coverage from FORMASI
  • Free 1 on 1 practice sessions with experienced coaches for a month

7. Regular Practice

Regular practice is a practice that is held by each division from Formasi. In regular practice, members can learn different topics each week.

What Will You Get?

  • New knowledge every week from the coach’s presentation
  • Q&A and sharing sessions with the coach
  • Fun games

8. Monthly Tale

Monthly Tale is an event where Formasiers tell or perform their creations of story. 

What Will You Get?

  • Show up on FORMASI’S Instagram feeds
  • Fresh money reward

Board of Committee (BOC)

Board of Committee (BoC) in FORMASI has the main duty to handle and manage the organization. Board of Committee (BoC) is divided into 8 teams: Core, Human Resources Development, Public Relation, Public Speaking, Broadcast, FORMASI English Debating Society, FORMASI Story District, and FORMASI Creative District. Each team is divided into smaller divisions (Public Relation: External and Internal, Public Speaking: Speech and Conversation, and FORMASI Story District: Storytelling, Short Story Writing & Radio Drama).

What Will You Get?

  • Increase your soft-skills
  • Opportunity to be the convener of FORMASI’s work programs