Jurisdiction Debate Championship

[CONGRATULATIONS] On September 17th, 2 teams of our debaters went to Universitas Negeri Jember to join Jurisdiction 2017, and finally we’ve got the result of Jurisdiction 2017! Congratulations to the delegates for snatching the CHAMPION, Semifinalist, and also Best Speaker! […]

Grand Open Recruitment 2017

[ GRAND OPEN RECRUITMENT FORMASI 2017 ] Heyho, Universitas Brawijaya’s freshmen! 🙋🙋 FORMASI (Forum Mahasiswa Studi Bahasa Inggris) is looking for new recruits! 😄😄   Register yourself from: 📅August 29th 2017 – October 13th 2017 Want to know more about […]


Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb. 😇 💞God Multiply The rewards of the People who give Charity💕 “Those who give charity, both men or women and lend to God a good loan will undoubtedly be given multiplied (rewards) back to them; And they […]